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Categories: proteomics, structural bioinformatics, drug design - Software type(s): website - database
SwissBioisostere is a database containing information on millions of molecular replacements and their performance in biochemical assays. It is meant to provide researchers in drug discovery projects with ideas for bioisosteric modifications of their current lead molecule, and to give access to the details on particular molecular replacements.
Categories: genomics, (characterisation/annotation), systems biology, transcriptomics - Software type(s): website - database
SwissRegulon is a database of genome-wide annotations of regulatory sites. It contains annotations for 17 prokaryotes and 3 eukaryotes. The database frontend offers an intuitive interface showing genomic information in a clear and comprehensible graphical form.
Categories: proteomics, (protein structure), structural bioinformatics, biophysics, drug design - Software type(s): website - database
SwissSidechain is a structural and molecular mechanics database of hundreds of non-natural amino-acid sidechains that can be used to study in silico their insertion into natural peptides or proteins.
Categories: proteomics, (protein sequences and identification) - Software type(s): website - database
SwissVar is a portal to search variants (polymorphism) in UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB) entries, and gives direct access to manual annotation on the genotype-phenotype relationship of each specific variant based on literature, as well as pre-computed information (such as conservation scores and a list of structural features when available) to help assess the effect of the variant.
Categories: proteomics, (protein-protein interaction), systems biology - Software type(s): website - database
Database show prediction of interaction specificity in two-component systems. These predictions were made with new Bayesian network method that predicts interaction partners using only multiple alignments of amino-acid sequences of interacting protein domains.
Categories: proteomics, (post-translational modification) - Software type(s): website - database
UniCarbKB is a curated and annotated glycan database which curates information from the scientific literature on glycoprotein derived glycan structures. It includes data previously available from GlycoSuiteDB.
Categories: proteomics, (protein sequences and identification) - Software type(s): databases files - database
The UniProt Metagenomic and Environmental Sequences (UniMES) database is a repository specifically developed for metagenomic and environmental data. Currently, unimes.fasta.gz contains only data from the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition (GOS). Clustered sets (unimes_cluster100 and unimes_cluster90) of UniMEs sequences at two resolutions (100% and >90%) are also available.
Categories: proteomics - Software type(s): website - database
UniParc is a comprehensive and non-redundant database provided by the UniProt Consortium that contains most of the publicly available protein sequences. Proteins may exist in different source databases and in multiple copies in the same database. UniParc avoids such redundancy by storing each unique sequence only once and giving it a stable and unique identifier allowing to identify the same protein from different source databases. UniParc contains only protein sequences.
Categories: proteomics, (protein characterisation and function) - Software type(s): website - database
UniPathway is a curated resource of metabolic pathways for the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot knowledgebase.
Categories: proteomics, (protein sequences and identification, protein characterisation and function, similarity search/alignment) - Software type(s): website - database
The UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB) is the central hub for the collection of functional information on proteins with accurate, consistent and rich annotation. It consists of: UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (manually-annotated records and curator-evaluated computational analysis) and UniProtKB/TrEMBL (computationally analyzed records awaiting manual annotation).
Categories: proteomics, (protein sequences and identification, protein characterisation and function, post-translational modification, protein-protein interaction) - Software type(s): website - database
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot is the manually annotated component of UniProtKB. It contains manually-annotated (reviewed) records with information extracted from the literature and curator-evaluated computational analysis.
Categories: proteomics, (protein sequences and identification) - Software type(s): website, databases files - database
The UniRef databases provide clustered sets of sequences from UniProt Knowledgebase (including splice variants and isoforms) and selected UniParc records, in order to obtain complete coverage of sequence space at several resolutions while hiding redundant sequences (but not their descriptions) from view.
Categories: proteomics, (protein sequences and identification) - Software type(s): website - database
ViralZone is a web resource for all viral genus and families, providing general molecular and epidemiological informations, along with virion and genome figures. Each virus or family page gives an easy access to UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot viral protein entries.
keywords: pathogen
Categories: proteomics, (mass spectrometry and 2-DE data) - Software type(s): website - database
Entry point to the World2D-PAGE Repository, the World-2DPAGE Portal (a dynamic portal to simultaneously query world-wide gel-based proteomics databases), Swiss-2DPAGE, Make2D-DB II, MiapeGelDB, Melanie Viewer, 2D-PAGE Submission Process and the 2D-PAGE list of resources.
Categories: proteomics, (mass spectrometry and 2-DE data) - Software type(s): website - database
World-2DPAGE is a public repository, standards compliant, for gel-based proteomics data published in the literature
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